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FARM & HOME PUBLISHERS LTD (FHP) has been a plat map, and a plat and directory publisher since 1981, when it was founded in Belmond, Iowa. Our primary publication is the Farm & Home County Plat & Directory book. This publication contains township maps of an entire county (e.g. Wright County, Iowa Directory), showing plat maps (rural landowners) on the left side and directory maps (location of rural residents) on the right side. FHP was one of the first plat map publishers in the industry to publish two maps of each township showing rural landowners and rural residents in the same book. Our publication is sold in over 500 counties in 12 Midwestern states with a readership of over 2 million annually.

DIRECTORY TOWNSHIP MAPS are listed alphabetically showing the location of the rural house and who lives there (owner or renter). Not all rural lake homes and housing developments are shown. Other information included on the directory maps are township names, section numbers, primary roads, secondary roads, road names, range numbers, lakes, rivers, cemeteries, pipelines, churches, towns, and railroads.

DIRECTORY INDEX is a CASS certified alphabetical listing of rural residents who are shown on the directory maps. Information in the directory includes: resident name, post office address or route /box number, city, township, section number, and telephone number.

PLAT TOWNSHIP MAPS are listed alphabetically, showing the property outline of each rural parcel over five acres, number of acres, and name of the landowner. As a plat map publisher we understand the need for detailed information and our plat book provides you with plenty of it. Additional information included on the plat maps are township names, section numbers, range numbers, lakes and rivers.

PLAT INDEX is an alphabetical listing of rural landowners/contract buyers who are shown on the county plat maps. Information in the plat book includes: owner name, township, and section number.

COUNTY MAP PAGE is a general highway map of the entire county with townships and sections identified.

TELEPHONE DIRECTORY is designed to assist you by providing first and last name when only a phone number is available. Telephone numbers are arranged in numerical sequence from lowest to highest. With this system, it takes the guesswork out of who called, blind numbers in advertising, or any other situation where only the phone number is given.

STREET DIRECTORY shows the rural residents as they occur along each street. The residents are listed alphabetically by street, then by ascending address number.

BUSINESS LISTING contains the names of advertising businesses that helped support your FHP county plat map and directory book.

WALL MAPS & CD ROM The township maps published in the FHP directory & plat book may be reformatted and printed to show either the Plat or Directory information in the form of a wall map. These maps may include townships within a single county or townships from several neighboring counties. Each wall map is customized to your specific area of interest allowing you to keep track of your current rural customers. You will have the ability to find new contacts with a directory wall map or identify land parcels and landowners with a plat wall map. The wall maps are also available as a digital image on CD Rom. Please call 1-800-685-7432 for pricing.

MAILING LISTS. The rural resident directory, as it is found in the FHP Plat & Directory book, can be purchased as printed mailing labels or on magnetic media. Both are CASS certified lists, 100% correct addresses. Please call 1-800-685-7432 for pricing.

ADVERTISING in the FHP Plat & Directory book allows you to reach your customers in the specific counties in which you do business. We are a plat map publisher with an annual readership of over 2 million and with 500 counties available. Our publication gives you direct marketing to rural landowners and rural residents. For availability and pricing, please call 1-800-685-7432 or e-mail us and we will have a sales representative for that area contact you.

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