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Demos of both digital book options:

Digital Book (advertiser)

Digital Book (rural resident)

FHP has the only protected mobile friendly rural directory book in the industry. You can access your book online by visiting the website and logging in with the provided "username" and "password" which are located on the back of your book next to the mailing label at the top. Currently all rural residents that receive their rural directory book in the mail each year get free online access to their own county for a full year. If you're not currently a rural resident but would like to access one or many of these great publications you can simply purchase the digital book of your choice from our website or your local FHP sales representative. You can also gain access to our digital & printed books by advertising. The advertiser version of the digital book does come with some added functionality that will give you the ability to print full pages and use the cropping tool as well.

The video above explains all of the features of the FHP digital flip book. The digital book can be viewed on all smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers no matter what operating system or browser you are using. If you have any issues logging into your account please contact us immediately by phone or email so that we may assist you. 


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