Farm and Home Publishers

Direct Mail & Inserts

Take advantage of FHPs rural focused market even more by not only advertising in the print & digital publication but by also doing a custom insert in the books or a direct mail piece sent out to your current and potential customers! 

As an advertiser you can take advantage of mailing lists by doing a custom direct mail piece in a specific region, county, or even the national territory map. You can do a custom piece or choose from one of the standard layouts. Based on the type of mailer and where it will be sent, FHP can then get you a total estimated cost. 

A great way to stand out in every book mailed out is by choosing one of the insert options. Between full color, black & white, tear out, and floating pieces you have many options to choose from to increase your visibility with FHPs targeted audience.

Whether your goal is to sell a product or service, build your brand, or to simply inform and educate the public then direct mail and inserts can be a great way to do that!

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