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Farm and Home Publishers is able to provide this great service to the rural community due to the support from your local county government officials and great local businesses. 

When you look at your FHP rural directory book please make an effort to support the local companies that help provide this great service to you! There is a lot that goes into creating this publication and the support from local advertisers is vital. 

Land Information
  • Find Zip Codes
  • Find Mailing Addresses
  • Locate Section Lines
  • Locate Landmarks
  • 911 Address System
  • Identify Adjoining Counties
  • General County Information
  • Obtain Legal Descriptions
  • Doubles as a County Map
  • Help in Committee Work
  • Help in Fund Drives
  • Locate Farm Operators
  • Find Best/Shortest Routes
  • Give Directions
  • Buy or Rent a Farm
  • Aid with Census Work
  • Sell Products and Services
  • Save Time and Money
  • Deliveries


In the digital world we live in today a lot of print publications have taken a hit so in response to that FHP has chosen to also provide this product in the online form of a digital flip book. Not only is your ad visible in the printed product but in our digital product as well. Even though FHP provides the digital flip book, a strong majority of customers still prefer the product in it's printed format, due to its ease of use, speed, and overall functionality. Our rural directory is not an article based product but rather an information based one and therefore used as a tool for much longer periods of time. Your ad WILL be seen many times and for a long time!

Resident/Landowner Information
  • Identify Neighbors
  • Establish Identity as Owner
  • Establish Identity as Renter
  • Obtain Phone Numbers
  • Locate Hunting/Fishing Areas
  • & Contact Info for Access Permission

Please reach out to the FHP office to get in touch with your regional sales representative so they can help you with your advertising, book, and wall map needs. Farm and Home Publishers has regional sales representatives because of the belief in making the extra effort of in person sales rather than doing everything over the phone or by email. 

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