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FHP books are GOLD! We use them to look up who lives near us and who lived there before. When we hear of land that may be coming up for sale, these books are the easiest to get in touch... Read Moreabout Justin and Amy testimonial

Justin and Amy, Kansas Farmer & Rural Residents

The plat books are a vital piece of running our business. With each pivot we sell or need to do work on we use these books to look up the legal for better understanding of where they are. I have... Read Moreabout Judy Hoffman testimonial

Judy Hoffman, Hoffman Irrigation

As a farmer in Iowa for over 35 years I have always relied routinely on the FHP book to get me the information I need. The information in these books is easy to access when I am out working in... Read Moreabout Mark Melohn testimonial

Mark Melohn, Iowa Farmer & Rural Resident

We use the rural county directories almost daily in our office. Farm and Home Publishers keeps the directories updated and current each year so we are always glad to receive the next year's books. We appreciate the spiral bound directories... Read Moreabout Donna Gantz testimonial

Donna Gantz, Farm Bureau Agent

"I use the FHP book a lot with my work for other farmers around my area. I find it very accurate"! Read Moreabout Jeff Waltman testimonial

Jeff Waltman, NE Custom Farmer

"Donnelly Coop has done business with Farm and Home Publishers for all of the thirteen plus years I have been here. I previously did advertising with the FHP publication the seventeen years that I managed the Farmers Union Oil at... Read Moreabout Bob Burner testimonial

Bob Burner, MN General Manager of Donnelly COOP

"The plat & directory books that FHP delivers are very comprehensive and easy to find owners of parcels. It's laid out in such a manner that when you're looking for someone's property it's very easy to find. The index is... Read Moreabout John Monson testimonial

John Monson, Hatton, ND Resident

"I farm a lot of ground. Sometimes I need access to a property adjacent to mine for roads, repairs, and other things. FHP's books are a valuable resource because they tell me how to get in touch with the people... Read Moreabout Ritchie Tarn testimonial

Ritchie Tarn, Solomon, KS Resident
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