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Rural Directory Books

The Farm and Home Publishers Rural Directory Book is the largest of it's kind in the United States. The book consists of "plat" or landowner township maps that are in alphabetical order and this information is listed in the plat index as well. Along with the plat information is the "directory" or rural resident information that, like the plats, is mapped out alongside the same alphabetical order of township maps and then listed in the directory index. The directory information not only shows you where the household is located but also who lives there along with contact information when available as well.  

Plat Township Maps show the property outline of each rural parcel over five acres, number of acres, and name of the landowner. Additional information included on the plat map pages are township names, section numbers, range numbers, lakes, and rivers. Information in the plat book includes: owner name, township, and section number.

Plat Index is an alphabetical listing of rural landowners/contract buyers who are shown on the county plat maps. As a plat map publisher we understand the need for detailed information and our book provides you with plenty of it. 

Directory Township Maps show the location of the rural house and who lives there (owner or renter). Not all rural lake homes and housing developments are shown. Other information included on the directory maps are township names, section numbers, primary roads, secondary roads, road names, range numbers, lakes, rivers, cemetaries, pipelines, churches, towns, and railroads.

Directory Index is a CASS certified alphabetical listing of rural residents who are are shown on the directory maps. Information in the directory includes: resident name, post office address or route /box number, city, township, section number, and telephone number.

COUNTY MAP PAGE is a general highway map of the entire county with townships and sections identified.


BUSINESS LISTING contains the names of advertising businesses that helped to support your rural directory book.

Additional Maps of cities, lakes, political boundaries, school districts, public lands, etc. are also listed in some books depending on available space and demand. If any of these or other maps you feel would be of value please visit our Feedback page and let us know.


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