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In 2024 FHP will be mailing out a free book to every rural household in over 510 counties across 10 states throughout the Midwest (N Dakota, S Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin) and that is done on a yearly basis. All 510 county books have a standard side-by-side layout of the landowner(plat) and Resident(directory) maps. FHP books have a standard layout and are always in a single-county format making the user experience a simple and consistent one. To help ensure the books get delivered to the correct household FHP CASS Certifies their mailings in walk-sequence. 

FHP also works with local sponsors to produce "plat" books throughout the United States. Sponsored books are a great way to help fund-raise for local programs! As the largest rural directory service in the United States FHP looks forward to the opportunity to help you deliver the best possible product for you, your customer, and ours. For more information on the sponsorship program please visit the sponsorship program page.  


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